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If you want to renovate something, forget about Extreme Makeovers. Why not change your door, the first impression to your home. In these decorating rich times, doors can be as stylish as your wardrobe. Experiment with color, design and timbers. And to keep things interesting, we’ve decided to make a contest out of it. Send us a before and after picture of your door. We plan on awarding a prize for the door that is transformed from a dud to a real piece of solid beauty.

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$175 1st Place Prizes
$70 2nd Place Prize
$30 3rd Place Prize

November 1st, 2006

1. Fee: $10 per photo entered. Limit two photos entered per person (not per category). Cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd places will be added if enough entries are received. No professional photographers, please.

2. COLOR PRINTS or JPGs, only. Judging will be based on subject, creativity and composition. All prints must be no smaller than 8"x10" and no larger than 11"x14". DO NOT MOUNT PHOTOS ON MAT BOARD. Just mail us your prints. Be sure to package carefully so photos will not be damaged in the mail.

3. Photographs become the property of DSA Inc. and will not be returned. Entry in the contest constitutes permission for DSA to use the prints for publication.

4. DEADLINE: November 1st, 2006. Entries must be postmarked by midnight, November 1st.

5. All reasonable care will be taken in handling entries. DSA cannot be held responsible for damage to or loss of photographs. Submission of entry constitutes entrant's consent to and agreement with these rules.

6. All pictures will be judged anonymously. Pictures and entry forms will be numbered upon receipt. Judges will not know who the winners are until the numbers are matched with entry forms after judging. NEW THIS YEAR - winners and non-winners alike will be notified of the outcome of the contest if an email address is supplied.

7. Send entries to Photo Contest, Door Store USA Photo Contest, Address

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