Clean & Care Instructions:

Exposure and other variables

The placement of your door is a major factor in its maintenance and longevity. To adequately protect your door and extend it’s life, you have to do some factoring. You need to take into account your climate, as well as the direction that your door will be facing. From there, you can determine the amount of overhang and the height of the entrance in relationship to the base of the door.

The Door Store of America requires an overhang at least half the height of the door in general conditions in order to keep your door protected from the elements, and to keep the warranty in effect. Doors without the correct overhang in the most extreme exposure conditions (facing south, southwest, southeast, or west) are more prone to finish deterioration, color fading, warping, joint separation, panel splitting, and shrink-back. Doors in these exposure situations will require more frequent maintenance. In some of these conditions, an overhang greater than one half the door height can solve the problem. Please consult with your local DSA dealer for specific information.

Maintaining your Door Store of America Door
You may be required to perform periodic maintenance, which is not part of your DSA warranty. Maintenance may be required at any time and may include (but is not limited to) maintaining the exterior finish or paint of wood products, trimming swollen products, and periodic hardware oiling or polishing. Required maintenance may vary depending upon environmental conditions in your area, and overhang protection provided. Please see your local DSA dealer for door care and maintenance instructions specific to your individual door needs.

Finish Maintenance
While the finish on your DSA door is the finest available, periodic maintenance is required to optimize the life and beauty of your door.  Finish life varies based on the amount of moisture and direct sunlight exposure, as well as the accumulation of dust and soil.  In severe weather exposure, finish life may be about a year.  For homes with entries protected from the sun and moisture, finish may last for many years.

To properly restore the finish, please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Lightly sand (220 grit or finer) all surfaces along the grain (do not go across the grain), then wipe away any dust with a clean cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

  2. Apply at least two coats of a fade resistant exterior grade spar urethane with ultra violet light inhibitors (following the manufacturer’s recommended instructions). Sand lightly between coats taking care not burn the edges, and removing dust in between coats.

  3. Finish all six sides of the door.

Factory and non-factory finishes must be maintained in order to keep the warranty valid. If the finish is not maintained, the door will begin to fail, and your door may require a complete finish and restoration. Failure to maintain the finish will void the DSA warranty.

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