The Exclusive Park Avenue Collection is every bit as elegant as its upscale namesake. Our own artisans, ensuring a look and quality like no other, have designed the doors. The entrance to your home is the first impression your guest will have. With that in mind, the Park Avenue Collection will make an indelible impression not likely to be forgotten.

The Renaissance was a rebirth of human ingenuity, in art, architecture and philosophy. Our Renaissance Collection picks up where the average exterior door leaves off. The attention to detail, inspired design and solid construction all harking back to a time when the great creators and thinkers of the day would ask,”Could this be better?” We still ask this of ourselves. >>

With such a name, the doors would be well suited to furnish the finest English Tudor homes. However, the Manor Series can bring a sense of manor to any home. Beautifully hewn from fine solid mahogany, they open and close with grace and authority. Even standing still, they could be classified as artwork on hinges. >>

Clean, simple and soothing, the doors of the Estate Collection achieve the warmth of a finely appointed home with MDF. Often a more appropriate choice for many homes, these doors sacrifice nothing in the interest of economy. Available in solid panel versions or with inlaid glass panels, they are constructed with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as their all-wood brethren. >>


Park Avenue Collection
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